CONNECTION is an invisible tether that binds us to one another, to our community, and to our world.  And after all we’ve experienced, sacrificed, lost, and gained this year, CONNECTION means even more.

When a dozen people are asked what CONNECTION means to them, the answers vary widely, but a common theme remains:

“Even though we may be far apart, our hearts are always close.”

That’s what CONNECTION means to them. What does CONNECTION mean to you?

Join the Martinsville Arts Council at Flourish Gallery, 88 E Morgan St, on Thursday, October 15th from 6-8 PM to explore local artists’ interpretations of CONNECTION. 

This is an open exhibition and Visual, Literary, and Performing Artists of all ages and skill levels are invited to display their work.                                      

If you are an artist interested in information about participating in this event, please visit:

Artwork is being accepted during gallery hours – Wednesday through Saturday from 10am until 6pm – through Thursday, October 14th. Please be aware that due to upcoming utility work on Morgan Street you will need to park approximately a block away from the gallery. If you need assistance carrying your artwork that distance, please contact Megan to schedule your art delivery.

Digitally Created Image by Lynne Medsker
‘Pathways to Nowhere’ by Lynne Medsker

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