Meet the Cast

Learn more about the actors in the Merry MAC Players production of ‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’

The cast and crew of The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon have put months of time into creating the Merry MAC Players first production in over a year – and our first virtual production ever! Show your support for community theatre and the efforts of these talented actors by purchasing a ticket to the live performances on Friday, May 21 and Saturday, May 22 at 7:30pm ET.

Each $20 ticket is good for everyone in your household to watch on one device. We hope to see you at The Depot Theatre again soon, but until then – Thank YOU for your continued support of the Martinsville Arts Council‘s Merry MAC Players.

Andrew Babcock – Prince 2
Frank Buczolich – King
Jeff Clark – The Devil
Shawna Clark – Grandma
Samantha Funk – Little Red
Anne Gee – Raven, Audience Member, Producer
Cameron Gee – Prince 3/Walt
Robert Gee – The Talking Fish
Katlyn Griffin – Princess, Crab Person, Snow White, and the Woodcutter
Karen Melaniphy – Witch 2 and Actor Act 2
Jordyn Pope – The Girl with No Hands and Mikala Pope – Plinkie Plie
Michelle Pope – Mother, Queen and Kaleb Pope – Director, Narrator 1, Father, and King 2
Kylie Schaeffer – Cinderella
Britton Siebert – Hansel
Erin Siebert – Girl
Olivia Siebert – Gretel and Rapunzel
Ryan Siebert – Prince
Jennifer Skopecek – Witch and Enchantress
Zac Speer – Director, Narrator 2, Chet Dobray, Dwarf 2, and the Wolf
Iris Tumey – Dirt Merchant, Fishergirl, Dwarf 1, and Johannes
Carrie Wade – Rumplestiltskin and Crab Person 1
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‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’ by Don Zolidis – May 21 & 22

The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are turned on their heads in this fast-paced, rollicking ride as two narrators and several actors attempt to combine all 209 stories ranging from classics like ‘Snow White’, ‘Cinderella’, and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ to more bizarre, obscure stories like ‘The Devil’s Grandmother’ and ‘The Girl Without Hands’. This wild, free-form comedy with lots of madcap fun will be presented in it’s ‘safe at home’ edition virtually by the Merry MAC Players in our first production since COVID-19 closed the curtain on our theatre in March of 2020.

Each $20 ticket provides access for a single device and performances are LIVE. Showtime is 7:30 PM Eastern. Choose from the Friday, May 21 or Saturday, May 22 performances. Can’t decide between opening or closing night? Attend both and save $5!