Cultivate Creativity and Community with the Martinsville Arts Council!

The Martinsville Arts Council is a non-profit organization that works to provide and promote a wide variety of arts-related opportunities in Morgan County. Through access to and engagement with the Arts, our goal is to enrich lives and nurture a culture of creativity, empathy, curiosity and connection in our community. 

Would you like to join us? Volunteers and Members are essential to the growth of our creative community. Fill out the form below so we can match you with opportunities to cultivate creativity and community in our area.

A few ways you can help – let us know your ideas!

  • Set Design and Construction
  • Window Decoration at Flourish
  • Prop Making and Management
  • Hospitality
  • Special Event Planning
  • A Shift at the Gallery
  • Community Outreach
  • Teach a Creative Class
  • Provide Entertainment at Events

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Let us know what you’re passionate about so we can match you with current volunteer opportunities. Whether you prefer to be backstage behind the scenes or in the spotlight, our volunteer run organization needs people passionate about the Arts to help us grow.

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